Saturday, September 26, 2009

Playlist 25.09.09

Do Your Thing - Revolution, Guilty Simpson, Royce Da 5'9"
The Matrix - Black Milk, Pharohe Monch, Sean P, Premier
One Shot - Q-Unique
Nightfall - Tash
Thick - DITC
Mean - Delta, Milano
Paranoid - Lazy Grey, LenOne, Miss Brown
Another Day - Bias B
Future - Gully Platoon
Surprise - Harry Love, Verb T, Yungun, Mystro
Jankrowville - Richocet, Klashnekoff
Parrow Dice - Klashnekoff, Kyza, Skriblah
Incognito - Lewis Parker
Sounds So Cool - Verb T
Something To Prove - Skulls
Where Did The Sun Go - Foriegn Beggers, Tommy Evans
People Under The Weather - Jehst, Asaviour

Break Of The Week
Ultra - Industry Is Wak

Murdah Murdah - Killah Priest
The East Coast Rennaissance - The Closers
Top Rank - Sean P
Things Just Aint The Same - Masta Killa
When I Need It - Pete Rock
Forever And Always - MOP
See My Face - Capone
Rennaissance Man - Jay Electronica
New Wu - Raekwon, Methodman, Ghostface
Smile - Alchemist

Tune In Live Every Week
Fridays 8pm - 10pm
Eastern Australia Standard Time


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Playlist 18.09.09

Poet Has Come - Black Poet
Flashlight - ALC, 40 Glocc, Rass Kass
Nickel And A Nail - Prodigy
Air - Killa Sha
Recognize - ODB
On The Hustle - Cali Agents
Damnation - Delta
There Watching - Ciecmate & Newsense
The Delagates - Kings Konekted
Beast On The Mic - Brad Strut
For Those That Dont Know - Gully Platoon
Aerosol Era - Bias B
The Soundtrack - Lazy Grey
Streets Keep Watching - Footsoldiers
Come And Get Me - Frontline

Break Of The Week
Scribe - The Crusader

Get Down - Craig Mack, Q-Tip
Music Evolution - Buckshot LeFonque
Machine Gun Funk - Biggie Smalls
Dont Give Up On Us - EMC
The IV - Braille, Rob Swift
Animal Rap - Jedi Mind Tricks, Kool G Rap
Ether - NAS
Aint Nuttin Changed - Black Poet
Radiant Jewels - Raekwon, Cormega, Sean P
Lyrics Is Back - Dj Spinna, Torrae
Wishing On A Star - Trez & Tragedy
When I Walk Away - Big Twins, Alchemist
Count For Nothing - Royce Da 5'9"

Tune In Live Every Week
Fridays 8pm - 10pm
Eastern Australia Standard Time


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playlist 11.09.09

Suicide Bomb - Non Phixion, Beatnuts, Al Tariq, Moonshine
Pencil - Gza, Masta Killa, Rza
Lucci - La The Darkman
Unbroken - Killa Sha
The Leak - Elzhi
Shoot First - Apathy, B Real, Celph Titled
We Gotcha - Crown Royal
Think About It - OC & AG
Eyeball - Saigon
Duckdown - Sean P, Torae
Rugged Rugged - The Closers, Bekay
Illegal Life - CNN
Xhibit A - J Electronica
Kiss The Ring - Raekwon, Inspecta Deck, Masta Killa

Break Of The Week
Nas - Lifes A Bitch

Twilight Speedball - Mos Def
Hip Hop Lives - Krs One, Marley Marl
Paper Plates - Gza
Till I Retire - Pete Rock
Graff Time - Charlie 2na
Puttin In Work - Epmd, Raekwon
Take It Personal - Gangstarr
911 Is A Joke - Public Enermy
Super Jean - Jean Grae, Jazzy Jeff
Run - Guily Simpson, Sean P
Bag Pipes Over Bagdad - Eminem
True Story - Phat Kat, RL
High Road - For Minor, John Legend
You Know Im No Good - Ghostface, Amy Winehouse
Once Upon A Time - La Coka Nostra

Tune In Live Every Week
Fridays 8pm - 10pm
Eastern Australia Standard Time


Friday, September 4, 2009

Playlist 04.09.09

The Delagates - Kings Konekted
Men Still Moving - Ciecmate & Newsense
The Return - Hilltop Hoods
Fold Em - Delta
Stand Up - Lazy Grey
Another Day - Bias B
Hold It Down - 9th Wonder, Buckshot, Talib Kweli
Best Believe - Pete Rock, Redman, LD
Bar Tap - Pharoahe Monch
No Guts No Glory - OC, Rasco, Reef, Wordsworth
Music For Life - Hi-Tek, Dilla, Nas, Common, Busta
Cheers - The Coalition

Break Of The Week
Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond

Never Saw It Coming - MED
Bright Lights - Capital D
Jump On It - Big City
The World Is Listening - Show & AG
Stuck On You - Prodigy
Out Of Town Shit - Ghostface
Ego - 5 Elements
Dangerous Mces - Red & Meth

Ciecmate From Broken Tooth Entertainment
All Ages Show @ Valley PCYC Sept. 5

Weak Spot - Rza, Gza, Raekwon
How We Do - Trez, Tragedy, Noyd
Absolutley - MF Doom, Madlib
Half Man Half Machine - Dj Revolution
Kill Too Hard - Inspecta Deck, Masta Ace, U-God
When I Walk Away - Big Twins, Alchemsit

Tune In Live Every Week
Fridays 8pm - 10pm
Eastern Australia Standard Time